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Bringing you quality-crafted coffee with our mobile coffee cart.

Come taste the difference for yourself!

Find us sharing the good brews the coming summer 2024 through October...

Coffee is our passion and we’re dedicated to creating high-quality drinks with a fascinating coffee catering experience for your event. We gladly peddle the brews throughout the Greater Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area.

Coffee carts bring people together, boost energy levels, and enhance any event experience!

With Brew Peddler, you’ll enjoy a unique experience with our own roasted beans, creative cold brews, hand-crafted, seasonal flavors, and a customizable menu.

We’ll work with you to craft custom flavors and drinks for your event or gathering that reflect your personality and event theme. 

Crafting fun mocktails for parties and weddings that pair nicely with the food menu is a great way to impress guests and create great memories. 

Coffee catering services are available for any group size, weddings, and corporate events — plus, we bring more than just espresso.

The mobile coffee bar is also an Italian soda station filled with house-made, seasonal flavors that entice non-coffee drinkers and coffee drinkers alike. We bring an assortment of teas and offer both hot and cold beverages as well — that means lots of variety!

Our fascination and passion for quality coffee and flavors are ingrained in even the smallest details of the products we serve. We…

  • Roast all of our own beans (including the hazelnuts!) creating tantalizing flavors and aromas. 

  • Infuse and house-make all our flavors, including our chocolate ganache and caramel sauces.

  • Use raw organic sugar, local honey, and in-season products to create unique and natural flavors.

  • Hand-whip the cream for Italian sodas.

  • Support local businesses when looking for ingredients including local lavender, tea, and honey.

We believe that great quality ingredients are the key to not only bringing you fantastic coffee and drinks, but it’s essential for creating a unique and memorable experience for you and those attending your event.

Are you a business owner or corporate event manager planning a conference, coffee social, or extended business meeting? 


Want to show your staff or clients how much you appreciate them?


Brew Peddler’s coffee catering is a crowd-pleaser!


With so many options in our coffee cart, you’ll easily be able to accommodate diverse tastes!

Getting married? Or celebrating a big life event?


Create a customized and memorable drink for the occasion with Brew Peddler’s wedding coffee bar! 


Not only will it be meaningful to you, but it’ll spark conversation and bring your guests together in a fun way.

Have a smaller, more intimate gathering coming up?


Add uniqueness and personalization to your private event when you hire Brew Peddler as your mobile coffee cart.


No need to set up a coffee station when we’ll bring the coffee station to you!


"We had Andrew at Brew Peddler come to our office to provide handmade espresso drinks to our staff for a big all-staff event. It was a huge hit! Andrew's coffee cart is beautiful, he made a custom menu for us, had great communication, and was so worth it! I will definitely have Andrew back and have ideas for sending him to client events as well. Call him - you won't regret it!"  

 - Emily M., Bernardo Wills


Brew Peddler’s coffee catering services range from small, private events to large gatherings including weddings and corporate events. If you need a mobile coffee bar, we can provide a unique coffee experience for your customers, clients, staff, or guests at your next event!

No matter what you’re planning, you can expect to receive exceptional service and high-quality coffee, flavors, and teas when you hire Brew Peddler.

Weddings and Lage Events

Coffee Cart for Weddings and Large Events

A wedding coffee bar brings excitement, connection, and fun to an important life event. Coffee naturally brings people together and elevates the mood. 


You can take that one step further by creating a custom drink menu just for your wedding. Serve espresso martinis as a dessert or create a unique mocktail with the help of our baristas. 


Custom-crafted drinks are a fun way to represent your personality and theme. Plus, they add a great memorable detail to the day!

Wedding Venue at the Reed's

We don’t just stop at weddings though —our mobile coffee cart is also great to have at school or family reunions, one-day events, and other large gatherings.

With a MAST certification, we also offer bartending services for events. Just ask us about adding this service when you’re booking!


We’d love to answer questions, hear about your vision for creating a memorable experience with a coffee cart at your wedding or event, and talk about how Brew Peddler can be part of that!

Corporate Events

Coffee Catering for Corporate Events

Keep your people happy with Brew Peddler’s coffee cart! 


Whether you’re hosting a conference or workshop, appreciating your staff or customers, bringing in new clients with a coffee social, or planning a corporate event, a coffee cart is sure to please and impress.


Coffee catering for corporate events is ever-increasing in popularity. And it makes great business sense because:

  • It’s convenient and cost-effective. The wide range and variety of drinks Brew Peddler offers in one space looks great, plus you don’t have to worry about wasting any product if not used.


  • It saves you time. Use the time it takes to set up a great coffee station for all the other details of your event!


  • It creates a positive atmosphere. When you promote your event to include “free” espresso drinks, attendees will feel appreciated and see you as generous, which starts your event off with a bang. And once at the event, the coffee aroma creates a warm and inviting feeling and space for people. (We’re sure that’s scientific!)


  • It becomes a networking hub. Coffee carts are a natural gathering point, making it a great opportunity for attendees to network and create connections. You could take it one step further and create a custom-crafted drink that will remind people of your business, making a positive association in their minds.

  • It enhances event experience. A mobile coffee cart elevates the overall event experience and leaves a lasting, positive impression of your company.

Brew Peddler strives to deliver a professional, high-quality coffee catering service that will help you create a successful and exceptional event.


Contact us for questions about your next event, social, or business meeting and how we can meet your coffee and drink needs!

Small Private Events

Personalize Your Gathering with a Mobile Coffee Bar

No matter the size, your guests deserve the best!

A coffee cart brings a level of specialness to a get-together or celebration. It makes the event unique and memorable, especially when you can personalize the menu to express the mood or occasion.

It’s fun to come up with creative drink names or a custom-crafted mocktail when someone is turning 40, retiring, or having a baby! 


With custom flavors and combinations, it becomes more than just a drink…it becomes part of the memories!

We can bring our coffee bar to you for any occasion. Think…

  • Graduation

  • Birthday

  • Retirement

  • Holidays

  • Farewell

  • Baby Showers

  • Church Gatherings

  • Morning of Wedding Ceremony (What wedding party doesn’t need caffeine?)

  • Reunions

  • Open Houses

  • Pool Parties

  • LARPing Parties

  • Really…any gathering! The sky’s the limit!

We’d love to hear what you have planned and talk about how Brew Peddler can be part of making great memories for you and your guests!

Many people wonder about the cost of hiring a mobile coffee cart.
We like to make our pricing clear for you!

Brew Peddler offers different packages based on timeframe of the event and number of people served. Every package includes an unlimited number of drinks for the amount of people booked, making our service convenient for both you and your guests during the event.

< 30 People
1 Hour of Service 


50-75 People
3 Hours of Service


30-50 People
2 Hours of Service


75+ People
OR  Longer Service


Here are a couple things we need to bring you the best service possible:

  • A walk-thru of the venue prior to the event is something we value in order to establish a great set-up space.  

  • A 20 amp power circuit (relatively free of other plug-ins) available for use during the event. It should be relatively free of other plug-ins so we don’t trip any breakers.

During our communications, we’ll discuss your coffee and drink needs, tailor the menu to meet them and answer any questions that come up. 


We’ll also provide you with a written estimate for your approval and include our multiple payment options and deposit information (if required for your service). 


We look forward to working with you to bring great quality drinks to your event!

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So Impressed!

“Found them at a wedding my wife and I were guests at. I was so impressed at first by the uniqueness of having custom crafted coffee available at a wedding and then impressed more so by the quality of the service, coffee, and genuine passion of the baristas. Such a wonderful way to add uniqueness and memorable experiences to a wedding reception."
- Greg S.

Guests Haven't Stopped Talking!

"We hired Andrew of Brew Peddler for a custom Italian Soda Station at our wedding! It was a huge success and hit at our event, and our guests haven't stopped talking about it. From coordinating and planning custom flavors for our "signature sodas", to serving delicious drinks at our event, it was a real pleasure working with Andrew. We would absolutely recommend Brew Peddler to elevate your next event and guest experience! Thank you for being a part in making our wedding so memorable."
- Leah T.

HUGE Demand!

“Andrew came to our office today and was met with HUGE demand, which he handled like a champ. He was so friendly to everyone and made sure that every drink he served was thoughtfully made. Thank you for putting up with all of us, Andrew! We hope to have you back!”
- Ashley E.

Ready to Book Brew Peddler for Your Next Event?

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We’re glad you’re interested in our services! 


We offer coffee catering and mobile coffee cart services throughout the greater Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas. You’ll also find us at various markets throughout the summer and fall peddling our brews for your enjoyment.


Please use this form to ask questions or to see if your date is available to reserve.

You can also give us a call at (509) 724-0303.


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